My relationship with music began when I was given an acoustic steel string guitar in the mid 60’s. Despite the absolute low tech of those years, we were completely infused with music communicated via fudgy medium wave on transistor radios from Mozambique and Swaziland. The era buzzed with an energy still tangible today and it grabbed me thoroughly! My affair with music morphed through numerous phases from the predictable schoolboy rock band to folk groups, garage and jazz bands, finally settling into a singer/songwriter format.

In my teens, I wondered whether this fascination for music would remain and the question has now been experientially answered! Our home is filled with instruments and gear and I still love playing ‘out’ with various line-ups every so often.

Most of my ‘important people’ have arrived in some way via music. My enduring love remains for acoustic folk, blues and ‘world’ music; it’s a serious interest – I write prolifically and perform as often as I can. Songs arise from experiences and emotions which, if authentically expressed, allow them to resonate and survive. Repeating themes and images for me seem to be – water, light, the Karoo, the Mother City, African rhythms and melody, injustice and poverty, wanderlust, meditation and acceptance of reality. For a song to ‘sit’ the lyric, melody and accompaniment must synchronise, perhaps something like the recipe for a special dish. This often doesn’t work and conversely sometimes happens literally like a bolt from the heavens.

Music has always been a hobby. This cuts both ways – it means that I have never had to ‘stress’ to write or perform something but it also means that I will never know what it might have been like to be one of those people.. just saying.

Thank you for enjoying my music with me!