History Washes Away

History Washes Away

These 30 tracks are selections from ‘DIY’ budget recordings made at our various homes over the years. Unless otherwise indicated, all instruments and voices are by yours truly, recorded onto my trusty Roland VS 840 and later onto an even smaller but excellent unit, namely a Boss Micro BR. The resultant quality is absolutely not HiFi but, with the expert assistance of recording engineer, Dave Langemann, they were sonically aligned and equalised for your listening pleasure.

Disc 1

1. Ac Rag 
Recorded in Singapore in 2001 using a Baby Taylor plus a 712 and the old double bass.

2. Out of the Blue
Probably recorded initially in Singapore around 2001 and then topped off with my ‘52RI telecaster purchased around 2004.

3. Too Late
One of the crop of songs that popped out of my first Lakewood Baritone supplemented by some Jaguar Baritone electric.

4. Pampoen
Also from the early ‘Bari’ crop –Lakewood Baritone × 3.

5. Miles Away
Karoo Diddley …! A looped riff, some slide, hand stomp (all on the Baritone) plus voice.

6. Cabin 39
A ragtime instrumental liberated from that 1937 Gibson.

7. Nu Moon
Lakewood Baritone × 3. 153

8. PRS Sunset
Taylor 712, PRS Hollow body and Godin A4 fretless bass.

9. uMoya
One of the earlier takes of this song. The last verse keeps changing in time with local politics.

10. Gister
My only Afrikaans recording to date. One finger picking and one slide track, both on the Lakewood Baritone … ‘eenvoudig’.

11. Rolex Soldier
Written in the mid-nineties after a flight to Maputo with some Struggle dignitaries.

12. Trouble
All parts (hand slaps, finger-picking and slide) played on the Baritone.

13. Mama
A recording made way back on a double speed Tascam cassette recorder; included here mainly for reasons of nostalgia.

14. KarooBlu
One bass/percussion loop and one other guitar part, all played on the Baritone.

15. 4×4
An attempt at tongue-in-cheek country rock.

Disc 2

1. Apostles
A song that has been somewhat rewritten but this original recording bears a particular ‘Singapore feel’ (not least the tropical rain drops in the background).

2. Baghdad
Written in Perth WA when the US aircraft carrier ‘Abraham Lincoln’ stopped over, en route to the Iraq invasion.

3. Blood of Africa
Recorded in Tony Drake’s Studio in the nineties for our ‘scatterling’ friends and family. 

4. Don’t Quit
Written after the departure of a son for his study sojourn abroad.

5. Mfazwe
An instrumental forerunner to ‘Better or Worse’.

6. Protest Singer
Written in the late 70s after listening to a Gütersloh late night radio show featuring Jackson Browne who had just tragically lost his wife.

7. Rendezvous
Inspired by, written and recorded in City Beach WA.

8. Rock ’n Roll River
Written and recorded in Singapore for corporate soldiers.

9. Waiting
Strong evidence of recording during the Singapore rain.

10. Woodstock Sunset
Recorded in Tony Drake’s studio with Ivan Bell on percussion.

11. eBlanket
Written during my weekend with Dirk Jacobsz in the Wilderness. A true story. Needs to be properly recorded.

12. Calpe
Part of my album of contemplative music inspired by and written at the BRC Ixopo.

13. O Mani
Lyrics inspired by fridge poetry and Buddhist chanting.

14. Tranmore
Instrumental created at Tranmore Way, City Beach WA, on my new Santa Cruz lovingly couriered by Lynne from Ghost Ranch, New Mexico.

15. Window Shopping
A demo for female vocals recorded partially in Tony Drake’s studio way back.