In the air-conditioned taxi
Driving through the tropical rain
With a swarm of two wheel traffic
Buzzing from lane to lane
Look into the eyes behind the goggles
Of the man with his family
Three of them on a 50cc
What if that man was me
Would I be alright
Tell me Mama would I be alright

Who built the Hindu temple
Sweating in the jungle sun
Did he get his bowl of rice
When the day was done
Or did he defer his compensation
For a payment in another life
Help him with his hungry children
And a loyal wife
Will they be alright
Tell me Mama will they be alright

Underneath the rattan ceiling
Chilling in the ocean breeze
Elevated by position
To a life of ease
Contemplating her perfect soufflé
Through designer polaroids
You don’t do your Revlon shopping
In the streets of Semanyak
But you look alright
Little Mama you sure look alright

Bali – Dec 2012