White Lady

Been in and out of trouble
Every other day
So tired of living double
Got to be another way
Been on through to the other side
Played with fire and rain
If I had me another time
Wouldn’t go back againIf you hear me fall
Please take the callHe keeps his options open
Like a can of gasoline
Intentions all forgotten
Caution to the wind
Today he is invincible
Tomorrow may never come
He will never walk the talk
While he’s on the run

If you hear him fall
Please take the call

In the autumn our White Lady
Was circling the bay
Till it was nearly Easter
Winter on the way
Suddenly she was gone
Nowhere to be found
Took your soul for recovery
Feet back to the ground

When I heard you fall
I took the call

Busek Sep 2014, Oakleigh Apr 2015