AkustikGitarreMagLeave Your Light On was favourably reviewed in the ‘Akustik Gitarre’ magazine (Germany), September 2015 –

TRANSLATION – Part time musician RA has lived in South Africa since childhood. In his other life this passionate guitarist is a lawyer. As a songwriter he has produced seven albums and plays South African radio stations and stages. The ingredients of his highly personal renditions range between European roots and a deep love of Africa. Widely travelled with lengthy stays in Australia and Singapore made him realize a deep relationship with Africa and in particular his ‘Mother City’. This is particularly expressed in one of his songs from the 90’s which is updated on this album. Socio political commentary and a preoccupation with environmental issues define his provocative lyrics. A longing for resolution and justice is evident (…’ we are all rich and poor, black and white, we have all that we need’) Heartfelt tones come across in the title song written in five/four tempo with minimalistic lyrics… ‘Leave your light on… so you will find your way back home….all the pictures on your wall will end up hanging in my head’. Here the vocal timbre resembles Eric Clapton. Adelbert’s diverse style evidences influences from Afro Blues, folk, South African styles and European mainstream, similar to Paul Simon’s Graceland. The economic arrangements of the songs are creatively embellished by Jonny Blundell on electric guitar, Roger Bashew on bass and James von Minnen on percussion. Finer detail is provided by Terence Scarr on the violin and Nonsi Gelade on vocals. An extraordinary CD.