History Washes Away

History Washes Away


After attending a memoir workshop recently, I realised that writing a proper chronologically sequenced biography was out of the question for me, but that a collection of anecdotes might be a possibility. I had been using personal recollections in conjunction with original songs at various performances over the past few years and so had some material in the bag, as it were. Also, I had been busy for a while pulling my song lyrics together into one format in order to make them more accessible and coherent. So gradually the idea arose of combining lyrics and anecdotes into a kind of anthology. The Australian songwriter, Paul Kelly, had done this beautifully in his book ‘How to make Gravy’ which motivated me further.

I made a start and gave my first efforts to a writing coach. She replied with important advice: It can’t be a scattered account; the beads making up your story need to be strung together by a theme. This was a lot easier said than done but eventually I concluded that my themes have been travel and music.

So here they are, songs and recollections written over a span of some thirty-plus years, strung on threads of time, travel and occasional turmoil.

Song lyrics always appear in italics; they do not necessarily relate directly to the surrounding text but there is usually a connection.

Printed musical memoir to be made available shortly - limited edition! 

Digital Version